Viewing the registry

I'm trying to use the registry function to record the number of times a movie has been played. The 'Execute(CopyRegistry <file-name>)' command works fine, but I would also like to view the registry on the monitor connected to the VGA out (using the 'DisplayRegistry' command).

However, all I get is a black screen.

Please see the autoplay.csv:


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    That looks fine...

    So, if you're just getting a black screen...

    -It could be the video.

    Verify the video is named correctly, no extra spaces in the name. Also, if you just rename the video to autoplay.mpg and put it on the card with the autorun file, and nothing else, does it play?

    If it doesn't play, then the video format might not be correct. You need an mpeg or mpeg2 video, 25mbps max if it's hd video, must be a program stream, and must have an audio layer, even if it's only silence.

    -It could be the autoplay file

    Verify you have the latest autorun.bas, version 1.3.06.

    -It could be the csv file

    What are you using to create the csv file? I've seen some odd cases where some macintosh applications don't put the correct end of file markers in csv files.
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    Oscar Engberg

    Thanks. Too bad the autoplay.csv-image upload isn't working. I'll upload it to a better server tomorrow.

    I guess I was unclear; the movies play fine, it's when I trigger the 'DisplayRegistry'-command I only get a black screen. I thought it would print it on the connected monitor?

    EDIT: after the 10s timeout, the menu.mpg returns as it should.
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    Ok, I didn't understand. Can you send me the csv file, to <!-- e --><a href="mailto:lallydice@rokulabs.com">lallydice@rokulabs.com</a><!-- e -->? Thanks.

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