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Dear friends,
we want to use a few HD600 and HD2000 player for a show opening in two weeks in Paris. At the moment the players will run just in a loop mode, but should be controlled by out control system.
My questions that I could not answer myself by reading the manuals:
1. Can the player be remotely controlled via Ethernet (just start and stop commands)?
2. What is necessary to set up one button to start the playback and one button to stop the playback (only one file is played by one player)?
Thanks a lot ... we are very busy installing the rest of the show and didn't look really deep into it until now ...
Thank you! Bernd

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    The unit cannot currently be controlled over ethernet in the manner you describe. And, only the HD2000 will have ethernet enabled.

    I'm assuming that by button, you are referring to buttons plugged into the GPIO input. Please let me know if that's not the case. If you want to control playback using a remote, or buttons connected to the serial port, buttons from a USB keyboard or USB keypad, we would need to write a simple custom script.

    If you are using the GPIO input, you can playback that single video using the follow csv file. All you would need on the flash card is this csv file, a copy of the autorun.bas from our website, and the video.

    How will you be connecting the BrightSign to your display? The HD600 defaults to VGA otuput. The HD2000 defaults to 720p (component or HDMI).

    In this example, the unit starts up and displays a blank image. If you press button zero, it plays the video. When the video is done, the video loops and plays again. If you press button 1 the video stops and returns to the blank image.

    I emailed you the csv file. Here's its contents...



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