USB autorun and timing on HD2000

Is there a way to setup the USB drive on an HD2000 to be the primary boot drive? In my application, there will be a CF card plugged in as well as a USB, and I would like it to boot from the USB first, and if that isn't there, then boot from the CF card.

I also need to sync the LED outputs to certain points in the video I'm playing. I'm trying to use the sleep() command right now, but I was wondering whether there was a better way to do it. I need to have very accurate timings for two or three pulses. Any suggestions?

Mike V


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    Let me get back to you on the toggling media.

    As far as the led outputs and video position, you can use AddEvent to add markers at x number of miliseconds into your video. Then, you can check for the event, and trigger the led output.

    If you look in the object reference guide, under roVideoPlayer and roVideoEvent, you'll find more info. Let me know if you need a working example.
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    I actually figured out a solution to the USB issue.

    I ended up booting from the CF card, which will always be present, and had autoplay look for files on the USB. I set up a variable root, so all my code looked similar to image.DisplayFile(root + "filename.bmp"), and I let the root be "USB1:" or "USB2", or ""(defaults to the CF card), depending on whether the USB drives were present.

    I also figured out a solution for waiting that's different from yours, and I'm not sure whether it's better, I'll have to try both. Here's mine:

    I set up a message port that does nothing, EG. tmr = CreateObject("roMessagePort"). Then I put wait statements before the code I wanted to be delayed, EG. msg = wait(5000,tmr).

    This seems to be an effective way to get things to wait, but your method may be better for actually getting things to sync with video.

    Thanks for the response.
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