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I consult mainly for museums and would like to recommend the HD 2000 as a solid state HD player. In order to do so, I need the player to be controlled via push buttons (which I know it can do), but can a button be disactivated for for a determined amount of time ( lets say 5sec.) as many children (and probably adults too) will be using the bottuns to practice their video game skills. Can the video be in an uninterrupt mode for 5sec than be interruptable? If so, is there a script I can test as I have already purchased a player for review.

Peter B

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    The brightsign demo you can download from the website has button inputs you can try out.

    The autoplay.csv file allows you to have a video that's playing back be uninterruptable, so once it starts, the buttons can't stop it.

    If you want to be able to button to not interrupt, but only for 5 seconds, one option is to add an time event to the video. And, ignore button events if that time event hasn't been reached yet. I don't have a test script handy, but I'll forward one.
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