Dynamic update / text formatting

Hi there,

I need to dynamically display a list. (auto-update every x minutes)

However I found that it's very limited (or impossible) to display text with formats (such as table or grid) since it can only read .txt and output rss content in a raw manner.

Also, if rss content has HTML tags it will display the tags as well.

I tried using other alternative such as using Image instead of text, and use Reporting Service to dump Image to overwrite the image every x minutes. However unless currentsync.xml is modified, it won't trigger the screen refresh. Also the image is hashed - that means it can't be changed by modifying currentsync.xml manually.

Is there any solution/workaround to do auto-update using IIS? At this point I just want a table that dynamically update the text content.

I'm using HD210




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