Touchscreen Technote

We support USB touch screens that use standard HID drivers. Supporting standard HID drivers means the touch screen will work any operating system that has HID drivers installed. No drivers from the manufacturer are required. Some manufacturers say they support HID but use custom drivers. We provide custom drivers for Elo products. Please see the Brightsign Touchscreen Technote for a partial list of supported touchscreens. The technote also has tips for finding out what controller is in your touchscreen. For help troubleshooting touchscreen issues, please visit this FAQ. For the most up to date listing, please consult the What touchscreens can I use FAQ. It includes any updates that haven't made it into the pdf yet, includsing support for Zytronics' new USB controller. We do NOT currently support Elo's Intellitouch Plus and APR (Acoustic Pulse Recognition). HP LM 4200 - iNexio controller HP LM 4200 (Inexio controller) requires a firmware change to work with the Brightsign. Please contact <!-- e --><a href="mailto:support@brightsign.biz">support@brightsign.biz</a><!-- e --> for details. Using this USB firmware downloader and firmwareyou can update the touchscreen. Directions for using the USB downloader are included. You'll use your computer to update the firmware on the touchscreen before using it with the Brightsign. Zytronics USB HID Controllers Any Zytronics touchscreen that contains an X in the part number uses their new USB HID controller. These will work with the current Brightsign firmware. No calibration should be required. But, should you need to calibrate it, please contact support, <!-- e --><a href="mailto:support@brightsign.biz">support@brightsign.biz</a><!-- e -->, for updated firmware. The current 3.2 firmware does not support calibration of the Zytronics touchscreens. HP 2105TM - Quanta controller Newer models of the HP 2105tm touchscreen (Quanta controller) require beta firmware 3.2.85.


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