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I need to display a daily calendar in a region of my sign. Of course, I can train and admin person to create a a graphic, upload it to the server, update BrightAuthor and then refresh the sign. But, it seems like it would be a great widget for BrightSign to create for BrightAuthor. Is there any way of taking a feed from a Google or Outlook calendar to display events by date and time? Of course, I would be more than happy to work with Roku on the design of a calendar widget!


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    Is this with a schedule, or just something that shows today's date, and the day of the week?
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    David Nilsson

    Hi Lyndon,

    I'm looking for a way to post my museums upcoming events through and RSS feed. A web based calendar/event handler that can export the next five events or so to an RSS feed would be nice so the staff can edit the calendar and publish the feed. I tried out a calendar called "calendar pad"(<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.calendarpad.com/">http://www.calendarpad.com/</a><!-- m -->) but brightAuthor replied with a "this feed is not a valid media rss feed". What could be wrong? It displays well in explorer 8

    If i can't get the "calendar pad" to work, do you have any other suggestions on calendar/events software that could be implemented? The problem is that is to complicated to edit text in brightauthor for my staff so I need them to do it elsewhere and publish it as an rss feed (or any other simple solution).

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    Are there any updates on this? We are looking to get a calendar displayed on our screen from outlook  for all the events going on in our organization for that day, and have the ability to sync and update on a day by day as we update events on outlook. 
    I've tried repeatedly with the rss feed and I keep getting "the feed is not valid" message. Any solutions?

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    You can make screenshots and display image content in a zone on a screen.

    If your outlook calendar data is available as an xml file, then you can use the Live Text feature to display a text on a screen. Your xml file should adhere to rss specs, i.e. it should contain rss tags only (html tags aren't supported). BrightAuthor assumes an xml file is in the format of a basic rss feed. So, there could be multiple item tags each including a title and description. The description is normally what's displayed. You can use the title as a lookup value. Example of rss feed: http://rss.cnn.com/rss/edition.rss.

    So, either you can use an xml file in a format acceptable by BrightAuthor, or the other option is to write a plugin to parse an xml file. The idea is you write a parser for your xml file that fills values from the calender, and the brightsign will populate these fields on the screen.

    If you're using an XD player, it can play html5. See this document: http://brightsignbiz.s3.amazonaws.com/documents/HTML5%20USER%20GUIDE.pdf

    There should be html widgets that plug into different calendar formats.

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    Alex Kosseff

    Any updates on this?


    I am looking to have an outlook calendar sync to a web-based cal with "tags" that the player checks, then the player has a list of taged presentation and plays the tagged file based on the calendar.

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