MPEG 2 with embedded audio

I finally have gotten an mpeg 1 at 320 x 240 to loop on the hd600 using the autorun.bas file but I cannot get an mpeg 2 at 720 x 480 to work or even act like it's going to work. I know you need to have an audio file embeded to loop but i don't know how to embed audio in an mpeg 2 or know how an mpeg 2 can have an .mpg file extension. I use mac for all of my video and have tried to encode using compressor and squezze. Please help I'm under a tight deadline. Also all of the software and the firmware on the 600 are the correct versions. Thanks.

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    Can you contact me directly at lallydice@rokulabs? I'll be able to respond faster. Do you have iMovie?

    According to the description of squeeze, it's just a video compression utility. It doesn't do any authoring, so you wouldn't be able to add an audio layer using squeeze. What program are you using to create the original video?

    Please upload a copy of your mpeg2 file to our ftp site:

    Enter this site on your web browser:


    1. <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="ftp://www.rokulabs.com">ftp://www.rokulabs.com</a><!-- m -->

    2. Enter the login name and password

    User: ftppublic

    Pass: RokuPublic357

    3. Follow the directions on the page to view the site using

    windows explorer

       -click on the "page" menu on the right side of the window, and

       choose the option to view in explorer. It might take a minute to come up.

    4. Then, drag your video file into the ftp folder.
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