I just tried updating the firmware and I appear to have bricked the unit.
I couldn't get the cf method to work, so I used the shell method.
The command completed, indicated success. I rebooted the
unit and the lights come on, it sequences down to the cmd light then it
goes directly to the red busy light with the ntsc light flashing rapidly.
No response on the console. Any suggestions?


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    Please try running the flash update again, but from a different flash card.

    What flash card were you using originalling?

    Also, I'm sending you an email as well.
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    shane key

    my HD2 222 was working quite well at first, then  I updated the firmware and everything went to crap. I tried the reset button on the back of the unit and the factory reboot but it doesnt respond at all. I cant even ping my unit anymore. any help would be great!

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