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I'm trying to get a couple of HD2000 boxes up and running. I've created various images in a bmp format (24 & 32; white background and black text) and when they display through vga output they are red in color on the display. Anyone have any ideas?

I tried a png format and it shotback an error "Unsupported file type in file: \BradfordPalms_1sm.png"

here's the version info... it appears to have the latest code from the web site.
Roku> version
Version: software version 1.1.20
safe mode version 1.0.4

Any pointers to info would be appreciated (I've already browsed the manuals and didn't find anything that would help.)


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    You get the red tint because the unit defaults to 720p output. We need to switch the unit to 1024x768, the currently supported vga resolution.

    -if you are using a playlist for your demo, then add the following to the top of the playlist:

    videomode    1024x768x60p

    -if you are using a csv file for your demo, add the following row to the top of the csv file. This is case sensitive, and videomode goes in the leftmost cell, and the resoution in the adjacent cell on the same row.

    VIDEOMODE    1024x768x60p

    For PNG support, you need an updated auotrun.bas that looks for png files in your playlist or csv file. I'm sending one to your email account.

    Once you set the video mode once, the unit will remain in that mode until you change in with another video mode command.
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