HD 2000 video plays but no audio

I have recently supplied 3 HD 2000s to a museum client to run loop
video. We have managed to get the mpeg2 video to autoplay but
can not get the audio to work.

The box is connected to a 50" HD monitor via the HDMI cable. My
monitor supplier said that the HDMI cable should carry the audio
as well. Is this correct?

The client has updated the software and is running off a CF card.


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    How are you playing back the video? And, do these videos have ac3 audio?

    The audio defaults to the analog output. Easiest way to play back this video is using a playlist. The included playlist plays a single video named "video.mpg". It sets the audio output to SPDIF/HDMI. All the client needs to have on his flash card is the following:

    1. video - renamed to video.mpg.

    You can always change the name of the video so long as it matches the name in the playlist, and isn't named autoplay.mpg or autoplay.vob.

    2. autorun.bas - this is the autorun script that's already on the flash card

    3. autoplay.bsp - this is the text file playlist I emailed you. The playlist contains the following two lines:

    -----start of autoplay.bsp playlist------

    audiooutput 2 'hdmi

    video.mpg     'name of your video

    --------end of text playlist---------
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    Is it possible you could email me the same text file playlist, or maybe post it here?  

    We have been pleased to buy an HD2000 for a museum installation in Sydney Australia but have had the same problems as many on this forum, most of which we have now resolved.

    First we got video which played OK but an audio track that was nearly a second out of synch, then we also noticed that it would hang, skip, or produce artifacts when still images appeared.  (This last point astonished me since the stills were embedded in the body of the video !!). Both of these points were resolved by upgrading from v1.1.20 to v1.3.14.

    Now we seem to have a video that plays OK but the upgrade has made the audio disappear altogether!

    I think I'm just missing the final key "audio output 2 HDMI" but I can't see how to insert this in the CSV playlist despite conducting some trial and error.

    Any help before the weekend would be appreciated as we have to complete by Monday.  Please make your answer as idiot proof as possible!

    Thank you.


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    Please download the latest autoplay file (autorun.bas) version 1.3.06. It allows you to change the audio output in a csv file. Here's the command you would use. You can insert a new row in your csv file at the top, where you would also have the video mode or image mode commands. The command below is all caps. For example, cell A1 would have the uppercase workd:


    And, cell b1 would have the value:


    If this doesn't work, please clarify what type of audio is in the video, and what audio output you are using.

    VIDEOPLAYERAUDIOOUTPUT <audio output> (HD2000 only)

    Sets the audio output when playing a video

    • 0 – Analog audio

    • 1 – USB audio

    • 2 – SPDIF audio, stereo PCM

    • 3 – SPDIF audio, raw AC3

    • 4 – analog audio with SPDIF mirroring raw AC3
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