HD 2000 controlled by a touchscreen

I am searching for a program that would allow me to control the Brightsign HD2000 via a Elo Touchscreen. Is there a macro available?

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Peter B

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    You don't need a special script to do this.

    Just download our autoplay script (autorun.bas) and you can use a simple csv file to drive the touch screen. If you download the brightsign demo for the hd600 from our website, and replace its autorun.bas with the latest one listed under the HD2000, under software downloads, you can use that demo with your touhschreen.

    It's setup to accept touch input from four defined regions on the screen to play videos or slides. The touch areas in the autoplay.csv file are defined starting with the keyword, "elo". The definition includes a starting x and y position, and the height and width of the touch area.

    The user's guide talks about this in detail in the CSV section.  If you need a sample csv file that fits what you are trying to do, let me know.
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