Displaying a JPG instead of a BMP on HD2000

I'm new to the HD2000 but its seems pretty straight forward for making an interactive. I'm having issues though with showing a JPG image. I'm able to display a BMP without any problems but I'll be showing over 162 photos and would rather have them JPGs because of the file sizes. It states that the HD2000 can display JPGs but when I try it just doesn't show that file. It will show the rest in the "Slide show" but not the JPG. I have updated the firmware (1st thing I did) successfully but that's all I've done so far. Any suggestions?



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    Please verify you are also using the latest autorun.bas, version

    Additionally, in your playlist or csv file, check that the extension is not upper case.

    The unit won't play progressive jpegs.

    If everything else seems fine, please email me a couple sample jpegs, as well as your autorun.bas and your playlist or csv file.

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    Thanks!  I verified the version was and it wasn't.  Updated it and it works fine now.  

    Thanks again!  I love this product!  I can see our museum puchasing many units in the future for a lot of interactives.

    Alan Byler
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