HELP / New Bridgesign HD600 / nothing loads from CF

I am having no luck with my new HD600. I bought two brand new Kingston 4GB 133x elite pro CF cards. I've tried video (autoplay.vob), audio, (autoplay.mp3), a playlist of images (autoplay.bsp with autorun.bas in root with images - bmps). I've reformatted the cards as FAT32 to be sure. All with no luck.

Tech Specs:
HD600 v. 1.1.28
autorun.bas v. 1.1.7

"Industrial" cards are not easy to find, even at Frys (huge electronics store). I only found one vendor online that listed "industrial" and the specs matched many others not listed as such. So, I went for the highest throughput, sparing no cost. I could find to "recommeneded" list of cards.

I've got an exhibit fast approaching, so any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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    Industrial cards are recommend for durability and better temperature tolerances, but you can use just about any card you can find with the unit. Most of my personal cards were purchased at radioshack and walmart.

    Are you using a mac or pc?

    Can you tell me if your computer is set to automatically show known file extensions? You can verify by opening a folder, going to tools, folder options, clicking on the view tab, and about halfway down the page, there's a box that should be "unchecked" that says "hide known extensions".

    mp3s won't play as autoplay.mp3.

    But, the video should play as you described. For the video, it must be an mpeg1 or 2 video, that's an mpeg program stream. System, elementary streams, or transport streams won't play, but it's easy to convert them. For the HD600, the video can't be above 9Mbps, and 720x480.

    If you download our brightsign demo, from <!-- w --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.roku.com">www.roku.com</a><!-- w -->, under support, brightsign, does it also fail to play? If there's a number where I can reach you, let me know.
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