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Ok. I was doing research for a project I am doing. I came across the Roku HD2000 which looks like it would meet my needs. I called the customer service and was told that the HD2000 is networkable and that you can push content across the network remotely. Which is perfect for me.

We will end up needing about 16 of these but I only purchased two. I set them up and was successful on making a playlist, but couldn't find anything on networking. So I called and then I was told that networking is in beta and won't be out for another month or two. Now this is different than what I was intitially told, so I am a little upset. But it was mentioned that I could get in touch with the technical team with Brightsign and start using the beta.

My question is, is that true? Can I start using the beta to get my HD2000's networkable?

If not I will have to RMA the two I have already bought and find another solution for my project due to the deadline in October 2008.


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    This has been a sore spot for some people.  Networking was promised on the HD600, then dropped, with Roku saying it'd be on the 2000.  If it'd been enabled on the 600 I'd have bought them for a project many months ago.  Now with it being pushed to the 2000, I rather doubt we'll use them.
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    You can get networking software to test right now.  Please email me direct at <!-- e --><a href="mailto:lallydice@roku.com">lallydice@roku.com</a><!-- e --> and I'll get you signed up.

    There are two ways you can network the units.

    There's a simple network option where you just point the units to a network folder accessible via a URL, and the unit will automatically check it for updates, based on an interval that you set.

    We also have a managed solution where you can log into a website, and group your units together, create presentations to run on them, and schedule when those presentations become active. This site would also include status and reporting information.
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