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Can you please post a simple example of a scheduled playback sequence in a .csv file.
Similar to the button example would be great. I have had a few questions on how this can be done, however i think I am over complicating it as everyone is still confussed.
We have 4 x 10 minute files that need to play every quater hour
PS we just threw in 3 HD2000 and everyone is amazed with the quality and simplicity. Thank you so much, you are making us all look good

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    Using the autoschedule feature on the HD2000 is easy.  Simply rename your csv file from autoplay.csv to anything with the same .csv extension. For example, playlist.csv. Then, add a text file named "autoschedule.txt" with the following contents:

    -----------start of schedule file-----------









    -------end of schedule file---------

    The time entries above use wildcards. But, the example above specifies that the files should play at the top of the hour, 15 minutes past the hour, etc. If the unit powers up in between times, the unit will simply pick the closest time entry and start playback. So, there won't be any time where the unit isn't playing content. In this case, the csv file it's playing is the same every time.
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