just received the hd2000 so i have beginner questions

i dont have too much time to do alot of research so i am sorry for the newbie questions. i tried to use a somewhat similar box from viewsonic the nmp530 and it sucked really bad. two rma's later and i am told that it cant do what it is advertise to do. anyway, i just need to loop several mpeg2 videos to a tv.
i dont believe this unit has a internal hard drive so can i can i stream the videos in loop mode from a server? or can i put the videos on a usb stick and run them from there? i read about using a compact flash card- do i have to use one or is the usb ok?

i just plugged a vga monitor into the unit along with mouse. i have roku brightsign hd2000 solid state media player v.1.3.27 in red on the monitor. could someone give me some simple steps on getting this up and running. the manual is a little overwhelming considering i dont need most of the options that this box can handle. thanks so much

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    Please email me at <!-- e --><a href="mailto:lallydice@roku.com">lallydice@roku.com</a><!-- e --> if you have more questions. Simplest way to play is with a playlist. Create at ext file named "autoplay". And, change it's extension from .txt to .bsp. If you don't see an extension, set your computer so it shows known extensions.

    You can use SD, CF, or USB.


    REM Start of Playlist

    videomode 1024x768x60p

    REM videomode 1280x768x60p

    volume 75 'if needed




    audiooutput 0 'sets output to analog

    REM 2 sets output to optical/hdmi

    ------end of playlist---------

    Copy this playlist, our autoplay file (autorun.bas), and your files to the flash card. You can download autorun from our website, under support for Brightsign, and software downloads.
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