Scripting CSV to run a continuous playlist of mpeg files

I bought two HD2000 units last year for a small museum.

1) I recently compressed an MPEG file from FCP (Export>Using Compressor), and discovered 7 hours later that a corruption in FCP/Compressor omitted a shot. Unable to recompress again for another 7 hours, I instead create TWO program files, to replace the missing shot (using the MPEG Streamclip shareware app).

I picked a logical "break" point, at a fade out-fade in, so the two files would "join" during black screen and silence on audio.

I had a very basic CSV script that plays an attract.mpg loop continuously, until someone hits a Button, at which point it plays program.mpg until Videoend event, and reverts back to the attract loop.

I figured out how to have my csv script play the two files in sequence:

State = program1.mpg to videoend, (then goes to) program2.mpg
State = program 2.mpg to videoend, (goes back to) attract.mpg.

HOWEVER... this scripting method creates about a 1+ second delay between files. Most people won't notice, but I notice it.

I notice also that when I use a simple "autoplay.bsp" playlist script to test my files before installing at the museum, they play quickly in sequence, with no more than a single mpeg GOP delay, 1/2 second.

QUESTION: Is there a way to have the CSV script run a "playlist" of mpg files, a sort of sub-routine, rather than the stop-start method that I have scripted here?

2) Our Brightsign HD2000 began acting flaky (after about 15 months of use). It may be the unit, or maybe simply the power supply. Can I send it for repair, or order a new power supply, or what should I do? The museum is already using the spare unit I made them buy, but now I need a new "spare." Need HD2000 because otherwise I must also replace considerable investment in expensive Transcend CF Industrial cards!

Thanks, Doug D


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