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Hi, I'm looking for some advice and technical expertise. We have produced a video (1080p23.976) with a 5.1 surround mix. Many thanks for any answers or advice... 1. Last time we had worked with the Brightsign a year or so ago, 24p playback was not supported (the brightsign played it back at 29.97). Has this changed? 2. Is 5.1 only supported with MPEG2, or H264 as well? 3. If MPEG2, would I encode the video and AC3 audio separately, and then mux together to .ts with TSMuxer? If H264, would I use the same process, or will the Brightsign play back .mov with AC3 audio? 4. Are there any specs I should be aware of for AC3 5.1 audio? The video's audio is being mixed and encoded elsewhere so it would be nice to have specs to give to them.

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    Yes, there's still not a native 24p output. So, you would have to set the display to 1080i60 for the best results.

    2. It's supported in both codecs.

    3. The brightsign will playback an mov with ac3. It will play a program stream with ac3 as well, so you don't have to use tsmuxer.

    4. I'm not sure what you mean by ac3 specs. But, if you send me an email at support @ brightsign.biz, I'll send a link to same sample videos with ac3.
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