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We recently finished a small project for a museum where we had a switch to change from English to Spanish captions on the videos presented at each kiosk. We had a separate video file for each. When the user flipped the language selector switch during a video, the Brightsign would switch to the appropriate file and begin to play it. Several people expected the captions to change while the video continued, not for the videos to start over. That got me thinking about whether it would be possible to synchronize a text feed that would overlay the video and allow us to do just that. Captioning and accessibility are becoming big issues in the museum world. We currently end up building separate videos for each language we want to cover. It would be incredible if there was a way to offer multiple languages without building a file for each. You would establish the time code for each caption then just cut and paste the appropriate text in. Here in Texas, we usually offer English and Spanish but on a recent trip to New York, I was struck by the help desk at the Met, they had 10 or more languages covered. This would be a big deal for us, I'm curious what your thoughts are on this. Thanks, John Peel


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    Piet Asplet

    We, Te Papa Museum of New Zealand Tongarewa, are interested in this too.

    Currently we are developing a couple of test projects running on an HD1020 and a XD1030 using  Brightauthor with firmware 6.0.51 using the subtitles widget and activating selection by touch screen.

    We are able to select different videos each with no subtitles, English subtitles and Te Reo (Maori) subtitles. For each video we create three states with the state names ending in '000' for no titles, '001' for English, '002' for Te Reo. For the text files these are named the same as the video state names except we don't have one for no titles.

    Interesting, and frustratingly so, they play differently on the HD and XD players. On the HD box there is no subtitle box when you select to play without subtitles but there is on the XD player. Also on the XD stepping out of English or Te Reo and back to a no subtitle state the last subtitle remains fixed on the screen. 

    We have to return to a menu selection to change to playing with subtitles and swapping between Te Reo and English. Also the video begins again from the beginning. Ideally we would like to toggle between languages without halting and restarting the video.

    We have been able to achieve subtitling with a seamless toggle using time code events and live text states but it is cumbersome and time consuming. We definitely favor the subtitle widget method with editable text files.

    We would so appreciate some assistance.

    kind regards.   


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    Piet Asplet

    further to last...

    you can view our test project here:


    n.b.... graphics, videos and subtitle text files are place holders only and are only for testing purposes. Only two videos are selectable.

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    Find attached 2 versions of plugins that allow you to view 2 sub streams, hide and show. The first is mod on the original where it seeks 2 files and you just switch between the 2 streams. This currently only uses text stream 001 to define the "timecode" but odds are your subs are located at the same time for museum use. It basically contains duplicates of every function with some added plugin commands.

    The second version is fairly universal but it needs files output from Subtitle Edit in an XML format, has been tested with 4 sub streams, it contains a few more logic statements and you can pre-define which sub to display, from say a home screen. It listens to start and end times for subs and a few other things mostly just for stability and usability.

    The purpose of this, through the use of subtitle edit is to allow a direct workflow from captioning at the edit side to brightsign, such as using an AdobeCC sidecar file, from final cut, or Vegas, .srt files etc..

    There is a sample Project in this folder: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4AICAjLEWKyTXFySTI2Z0FhYWc 

    Tested on XD1032 and HD1020.

    See attached for the two text file plugin. Kudos to Piet for the assist. FileNames for subs "example 001.txt" and "example 002.txt".



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