Player Group Management

I was wondering how we set up this scenario? I have players that are located on 7 levels and 15 departments of a building. Can I group the players together by floor and departments? Sometimes content updates need to go to just one floor other times by department. Am I right that a player can only live in one group? I don't want to set up a unique group for each as they are likely add further variables to the mix soon (Players for customer facing staff and those for internal facing etc). So a content update could only need to go to Customer facing staff, on level 7 in the Accounts dept.



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    A player can only live in one group. Subgrouping isn't supported in BSN currently.

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    This requirement could be solved by using a local playlist as per the example below:



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    Ben Slocum

    Depending on what needs to be updated, you might want to try this.  Assuming you're using BrightSignNetwork, and assuming it is just one zone that needs to be updated with new content, you can create dynamic playlists for each category.

    Floor 1

    Floor 2

    Floor 3




    Customer Facing

    Internal Facing


    Then put the appropriate dynamic playlists into the presentations for each of the players.  Each player will still be in its own group, but that won't really matter if it's the dynamic playlist that you're editing online.  If you want an update to go to all the players on the 3rd floor, then just edit that one.  Additionally, you can make a dynamic playlist for each individual player in case you need to target something very precisely.  Some of the time a dynamic playlist would be empty, and in that case the player will just skip over that DP and move on to the next one in its list.


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    Adrian Back

    Thank you for all your help. I think the DP function may work. I will need to get my head around it but until full group management is implemented it should do the job. Thanks.

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