USB input trigger from pushbutton

Hello - I am trying to get interactive presentations on an XD1230 and XD1030. We typically use touch screens with these devices and program their actions using a rectangular touch event, but in this case we must use USB input. instead. 

What we are wanting to do is show a looping video that loops every time the media ends, but will advance to another video when a USB pushbutton is pressed, then return to the first video once the second video reaches media end.

The USB pushbutton is programmed to print the string "Start". All tests have shown that the string is being accurately printed (in text editors on a Windows PC), but when we configure the USB input event in BrightAuthor, the player does not respond and perform the corresponding action. 

The interface is BA only says to specify what the string is that is being transmitted via USB, but somehow it isn't working. Is there something we are missing? The documentation shows nothing further either. We are a bit pressed for time with this project...


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    Leon Prather

    that should have read ..."the interface in BA"

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    I'm pretty sure I ran across this at some point also... I think your USB button should be sending start<cr> (enter key) other wise it doesn't receive the EOL. Are you able to add carriage return to your setup?

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