Use touch display with brightsign to trigger video on other brightsigns

We have a project in mid-January in which I have several interactions with our XT 1143 players at the same time.
The planned scenario is as follows: 
-Exhibition stand with various displays and LED elements  
-Each display and each LED wall will have its own BS player
- The main display has a touch function and several touch areas are created on the BS player, each of which triggers an action (video) by touch (I have already programmed this and it works)
However, my programming currently only works on this one display and the stored videos are also shown on the display and jump back to the main screen after being played once. 

My question now is how I have to program the players so that the BS player uses the touch function to trigger another BS player via the CAT connection, e.g. on a 55" a few meters away, so that it plays the stored video?
For example: I have a 1m x 1m LED wall on the exhibition stand which has a BS player as its source. This player has a jpg as the main image and a video loaded on the SD Card. I have the same again with another 55" display and a BS player connected to it on the other side of the stand. Then I have a touch display as interaction for customers/visitors with the "master" BS player on which I have created two touch areas, for example. Now I want to trigger a video on the BS player on the 1 m x 1 m LED wall by touching one area, which is played once and then jumps back to the main jpg image. 
By touching the second touch area, the second BS player, which is connected to the 55" as a signal source, should then be triggered and play its stored video and then jump back to the main image.

I have not yet been able to find out which commands I need so that my BS player on the touch display can trigger the BS players on the other displays or which command combination I need.


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    Graeme Conradie

    You need to program the touch events to send UDP commands over the network. You then need to program what the non-touch BrightSign devices do when they get the UDP commands.  

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