BA:Connected players (control only) and MRSS

This might be a simple question in the end, but I can't quite wrap my brain around it. We have used BA and players with a locally hosted WWW server to deliver material to players with 7 zones on screen. Generally HTML pages pulling various other services/sources and then a main playback area pulling one, two or three MRSS feeds. On the server side, using player variables we can point the player to various MRSS feeds depending on location. It's simple and has worked fine.

I am going to migrate all the players to BAC (control) and I have rebuilt everything to match the BA presentations in BAC. This is primarily to clean things up a bit and give IT a chance to have a dashboard to just see player status, etc.

However, if I add a Live Feed object in, define the URL to the .../mrss.xml file (toss out the player provided variables like serial, that isn't working either) the players don't play back the material (just 16:9 images). Just comparing how BA works and providing Data Feeds there, adding the Media MRSS Feed as a playback object (and choosing your now defined data feed to the mrss.xml) - well, I can tell that's different. But the impression in get in BAC is that you are still pointing to the same MRSS files but don't get playback.

Is that how it works? If you are BAC Control only, you lose what is normally there in BA (Media Library, Other)? Again, this is all hosted locally.

Something else I am missing?


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    Bright Scripters

    With Control Cloud only you don’t get feeds.
    To host feeds in BSNC you must have active subscriptions.

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    Sean Cotter

    I did get something working.

    We host everything, so using the Content portion as a subscription doesn't fit our needs. Going from BA to BAC though has been a bit of a slog, mostly because I only revisit this every so often - our published presentations have been working 24/7 for 4+ years now with only little changes here and there (design changes, content changes daily).

    I may not be using the right terminology here, but in our case - in BAC if I 'turn on' the serial system variable and then have a series of live feeds dropped in a zone as content and just use the /{{serial}} variable in my URLs I just redirect each live feed based on the player on the server side.

    URL rewrite on the server side just redirects to the various, actual, MRSS.xml files that reference the content for a particular player. Right now we probably have 10-12 current BA presentations to serve various needs. Maximizing the server side of it I think I can get 3 total presentations to do the same thing. If there is no need for playback of a certain mrss playlist, we just leave it off the URL rewrite side. From what I see, the player just skips and goes to the next live feed if the feed returns no info.

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