Flickering while sliding transition

We use the LS425 model with firmware 9.0.120. The HTML plugin is used to call up an URL containing a slideshow. (The slideshow can be maintained by editors with the help of a CMS) The slideshow only contains videos and a 2 second slide is used as a transition. The problem occurs that the slide flickers strongly when there is a change between light and dark videos. (Dark atmosphere vs. bright ad) The same behavior can be observed less frequently, but also when switching between two "darker" videos. The videos have the same size. Does anyone have any ideas on how to prevent the flickering? It seems that the player cannot display the video while it is in transition. 

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    W Buchanan

    The LS425 definitely has an issue with transitions on still images. I'm seeing a major issue on a new presentation.

    The new presentation is extremely simple:

      1920x1080, 30fps (60fps has the same result. Force resolution makes no difference.)
      1 full-screen VideoOrImages zone that plays a looping background video.
      1 full-screen Images zone that switches between two full-screen PNG images with transparency.
          Transition is “fade to new image”, .5 seconds (different transition durations have same result).

    I am seeing the error “Timed out waiting for image to be fully rendered” in the system log on every PNG file in the presentation. 

    The error occurs only on the LS425, and playback looks awful. The same presentation on an XT1143 does not have this error, and playback is flawless.

    A video comparing the two BrightSigns:

    It appears the LS425 is failing to render all the frames in the transition.

    I have tried replacing the background video with a still image, and the issue persists.

    I've used the exact same technique on other presentations in the past and had no problem. The transition worked perfectly on XT1143, XD232, LS423, and LS424 units. It's only the LS425 that exhibits this problem.

    The LS425 has this issue with firmware versions 9.0.75, 9.0.120, and 9.0.132 (provided by BrightSign support).

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