using bright script in a brightAuthor presentation


I am trying to create a simple presentation. I have a touch screen with thumbnails. When I touch a thumbnail I want to send a UDP message to another server. Should be fairly simple to do but after days of googling and prompting I still haven't found out how to make bright script code available from the brightAuthor presentation. Only thing on YouTube is some Roku stuff that uses brightscript. It is really confusing.

So I would really appreciate if some one could explain to me how I can send UDP messages from a touch event.

Obviously im a new to the brightsign universe :)

I have a XD1032 box and I am using brightAuthor 4.7

Thanks in advance


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    Bright Scripters

    Have you figured it out?

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    Jeppe Sohn

    Yes and no :)

    I have figured out how to add the script to the bright author project as a "script plugin". And then run a function in the script on i.e. a touch event by adding a command in the advance tab. I assume I have done something right since I am able to select from the functions I have created in the scriptfile. But right now I have this horrible workflow:

    1. Upload BA (brightAuthor) project to BS (brightSign)
    2. Test it. Find that it does not work.
    3. SSH to the BS and see error, saying something like "bad script"
    4. Edit the script without knowing what it is that caused the error and back to 1. in an infinite loop

    I feel thrown back to the 90' when I get an error saying "bad script" :)  I assume that there must be a better way of debugging realtime? And hopefully there is a better error reporting system?

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    Bright Scripters

    Based on your first post you are trying to send out UDP upon screen touch.

    That can be done with BrightAuthor without a custom script.

    What is it you are trying to accomplish that isn't available natively in BrightAuthor?

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    Graeme Conradie

    Yeah why are you using a script? 

    You can just do that in BrightSign as a command

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