BrightSign units for museum display: power management

For a video installation, I have linked four LS425's to display synced videos on four screens. This video installation will be on display in a museum for six months. Consequently, the units will not be connected to the internet but will be connected to each other via a local network.

Since this is my first time working with BrightSign, I have a few questions about the units:

The museum is only open four days a week, and on the other days, the BrightSign units do not need to play. The videos run in an infinite synced loop, the screens will be turned on and off by the employees every day that the museum is open.

Is it advisable to disconnect the power from the units on the days the museum is closed? If yes, could this be achieved by using a timer plug on the power strip supplying the units with power, ensuring that the units receive power on specific days and no power on other days?

The units are programmed to wait for each other after booting and then play the videos in an infinite synced loop. If I understand correctly, it shouldn't cause any issues to literally 'pull the plug' when the units are already on. Or could this harm the units?

Or would it be better to leave the units on for the entire six months?



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    Yes, a timer/smart plug would work just fine. We have a few units at our institution that are powered off and on in this way and others are powered on/off with Programmable Logic Controller circuits. It's my understanding that BrightAuthor doesn't have any native way to completely shutdown and restart the units on an automated schedule, and as you know the units don't have a power button on the chassis anywhere.  BrightScript does have functions to shutdown and reboot a unit but I don't believe there's a way for the system to bring itself back online after an scripted shutdown. 


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