Brightsign Player Taking 24 Hours to Come Online When Moved

Hi all, 

I'm with a digital activations company that uses Brightsign for events to drive displays and over the last six months have seen an issue that has become more common where some Brightsign players take hours to connect to BAConnected and come 'online'. 

We will stage the players at one location (connected to hardwired LTE modem) and all connects. We shut down and when we get to the event and power on the display the BS Player just won't come online.

High level observations: 

  • BS Model: We have seen this with XT1144 models
  • Issue Rate: We have sent out upwards of 10 players with the same configuration out before and so far we see about 20-30% won't come online. 
  • Updates: Any updates to Schedule or Presentations will not happen. 
  • They Eventually Come Online: We can leave the players running overnight and 100% of the time they eventually come online - (seems to happen between midnight and 6am) 
  • Internet: We confirm that internet , either LTE or hardline is working in all instances. 
  • Wifi off: We are disconnecting the Wifi modules our initial though was it was hanging on Wifi connectivity protocol first but that has no effect. 
  • Reboots: Multiple reboots of the player do not help. 
  • Internet Content Works: We had one kiosk application where the player would not come online but the HTML widget component being run could see the internet as well as we could fill out a name and email form on the kiosk Presentation and it sent the info through the BS player sending the email. 
  • The Fix: one thing that we can do is reformat the SD card on site and do a RESET. This forces the player to restore itself an then it will come online in BAConnected.  This is a pain as we have to have techs with computers capable of doing this if needed but not something you have to do if you have to present new content in a short amount of time


Our first thought is it might have to do with the player not getting it's DNS settings for some reason when powered back on. Since it 'heals' itself overnight, something with the Amazon Web Server changes that allows for connectivity to happen around that time. 

We have not seen this yet on the new XT1145 players but will be keeping on eye out. 

Right now we try and pre-load as much content as possible assuming we run the risk when we get on site that a player may not connect. 

Has anyone else had this experience or seen something similar? This was never an issue until about 6 - 7 months ago with the first instance happened. 

Thanks for any ideas. 

Jeff Wismer - BIG Digital 




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