Screen wall 1x3 with a single Brightsign


I want to make an "ultra streetch screen" composed of  3 Samsung VM55B-U with a single Brightsign unit to display scrolling text.

I think i don't need to use a BrightWall Presentation because my screens already have sync function, and are made to work in wall mode, etc... (in fact, i already made a 3x3 wall with them in the past, with a single HD1024, and everything was working well).

So i guess i can simply create a BS Project with one screen (1920x1080, full screen, no overscan) and then create a Ticker zone on the 2nd 1/3 of my screen heigh to really use the "display space" i have, but i'm not sure.

So my question here is : how the BS unit will display on a 1x3 screen wall ? How do i need to configure the presentation to make my scrolling text going from screen 1 to screen 3 ? 

Hoping everything was clear. Thanks !


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    Shabeer Aboobacker

    Hi Maxime,

    Please let me know if you had completed the above mentioned. I am trying it on Brightsign as Standby unit.





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    Maxime Christiano

    Hi Shabeer,

    Not yet, but finally I decided to use a XC4055 with 3 standart screens. Pros : cheaper. Cons : edges of the standart screen, but in my case it is not a real problem. 

    Hoping this will help you 

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