XC4055 SD card not detected

Hi ! 

I got a couple of XC4055 players where the SD card is sometimes undetected by the player. Unable tu publish a show, or unable to display a show. Just removing / replacing the card a couple times makes wvweything right... until I remove the card or reboot the player. 

The problem occurs only in XC4055 (I do not try it with XC2055), randomly with any SD card. 


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    Jarrett Dartnall

    was this resolved I have the exact same issue please.

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    Thomas R Wolzien

    You might try adding usb flash drive to the micro SD.  I have added internal memory, along with the microSD and a USB stick.  All three may not register right away, but at least one always seems to be available.  The others seem to come along before the first is filled.

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