hd1025 will not play youtube video or playlist, but hd1024 will


I have a issue that i can't seem to figure out.  I am new to the whole brightsign thing, but getting there.  i have a presentation that is currently working on a hd1024 unit.  it is looping a playlist, and the videos are playing.  i publish the same presentation on my hd1025 unit and it does not play, but just sits there.  1st video showing a frame with the youtube play icon in the middle.  I have created a new presentation from scratch to play only one video and still the same result.  I have reset the hd1025 and re setup from scratch, but still the issue persists. hd1025 is at latest fw.  I am not using ba:connected, but brightauthor.  Thank you in advance for any suggestions.


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