Trigger autoplay video after user picks up a headphone

My client wants to show an image on the screen. Then as soon as a user picks up a headphone, it should autoplay a movie. Is this possible? Specs:

  • Brightsign HD1025 (4K)
  • BrightAuthor


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    it is depending on the headfone. We did this kind of trigger, but the holder of the headfone had a build in switch. So we could us this trigger to trigger an reacton from the player.

    Do you have any idea, which headfone you want to use?

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    Annemarie IJntema

    Thank you for your response, I really appreciate it. I've no idea which headphone they use. I delegated the job to a BrighSign studio specialist, because the client was a pain in the ass. So this thread can be closed. Have a great day yall!

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