Touchscreen Calibration Script?

I am quite new to BrightSign players, and I'm a complete beginner.

I currently using the brightauthor Connected and I have built-out the look and functionality we are looking to using it here for our operations but I honestly don't know how to run a script. Let me explain 

We have the XC-2055 and currently just picked up a Beetronics Display which states that it it compatible with Brightsign. When we connect the screen I can move the pointer with my finger anywhere on the screen but I can't click on any of the items I have placed. When I have a mouse connected everything works fine so it's not the content, I just can't click with the touchscreen. I believe I have to run a Calibration Script but I don't know how to do this and I can't find something easily online that I can follow. 

Any help on this would be much appreciated

Thank You


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    Brandon Official comment

    The touchscreen calibration affects the coordinate boundaries, it doesn't affect the actual touch, and you won't be able to complete the calibration if touch isn't working.  With modern touchscreens you shouldn't need to run the calibration script at all.

    Touch registration generally needs some configuration on the touchscreen itself - many times the touchscreen supports multiple touch modes - mouse, stylus, etc and there's usually some computer-based utility needs to be run to change the touch mode.  The vendor of the touchscreen should be able assist with that.

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