Dynamic Image from UNC Path?

Hello All,

Very new to creating presentations. First one and it's pretty basic.

What they want is a loop between a Image file and a URL. I have it working except for one caveat. The image needs to be dynamic, i.e. every time the Player is going to display the image I need it to go to a UNC path and get the current image.

First I just added the image from a Network share folder and dragged it from Assets into the Zone. After the image didn't update when I overwrote it in the folder, I deleted that in the presentation and added an HTML5 widget. I added the UNC path to the "Local Site" option. Published the presentation and it displayed the URL then image and looped...

However, if I then overwrite the image in the UNC path with a new image of the same name, the image displayed in the presentation never changes...

Any ideas how I can accomplish this? Is a local web server required that displays the current image we want in an HTML page?

Thanks in Advance,


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