Video sync between 2 players


I have 2x XD234 players linked via switch (and/or directly connected) with both fixed IP address. 

Latest firmware installed and I use BA:connected software.

Each player has only one video to play. The video's are not the same but are alligned together by an artist. But they need to start at the exact same time and play in sync, when the 2 video ends just same thing playback repeat in sync and in loop. 

I have done the same thing as mentioned in this post and how Allen H. Porter steps mentioned


...but then in BA:connected ,  this doesn't work.

Any idea what I am missing or how i should set this up in BA:connected?

Any help would be much appreciated. 

Thank you


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    Thomas Lewin

    I just had to do a very similar setup with 5 players hooked up via an ethernet switch. Make sure that your Presentation Settings are set to Interactive>>Networking>>All players connected via Ethernet, with Player Sync enabled (one as Leader, the other as Follower). Here are my screenshots for the Leader, plus one for the Follower, which has two Synchronize events. Post a screenshot if you have any other questions.

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    Hi Thomas,

    Thanks for the feedback!

    I will try this method out in BA Connected

    In the meanwhile I got this working via BrightWall with BrightAuthor :-). 

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