BA:Connected Media List Not Working

We have a sample XML feed that follows the documentation for a properly-formatted feed. The feed currently contains one sample image (PNG). It's linked to a Media List in BA:Connected with no other changes/settings. Published to a player with Local Network. It's still not working. Is this something I'm missing with using a Media List? The content works with a Live Feed widget, but not Media List.


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    Bright Scripters

    Try to place the url to image in the description tag too.

    While it doesn't seem to make sense, it works like that in BA Classic.

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    Katherine Price

    That worked! We figured that out yesterday after reading through old community posts, and I think you were the commenter on the post for this topic on BA Classic, so double thank you for your help!

    Any suggestions on how to modify this with a parser script to fix this instead of re-writing all our feeds?

    We have this generic parser script:

    Sub ParseDynplaylist(xmlFileName$ as String, itemsByIndex as object, itemsByTitle as Object, userVariables As Object)
         xml = CreateObject("roXMLElement")
         if not xml.Parse(ReadAsciiFile(xmlFileName$)) then 
              print "xml read failed"
              if type(xml.channel.item) = "roXMLList" then
                   index% = 0
                        for each itemXML in xml.channel.item
                             ItemTitle$ = itemXML.title.GetText()
                             itemUrl$ = itemXML.link.GetText()
                             itemsByTitle.AddReplace(ItemTitle$, itemUrl$)
                             index% = index% + 1
    end Sub
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    Katherine Price

    I tried contacting BA support a week ago and haven't heard back. Any other tips on how to pass back the medium tag to the Media List object in BA:Connected?

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