Increase default image size with Brightscript

Hi all,

i am new to Brightauthor and Brightsign. I realized, that the default image size is limited to max. 2048x1280x32bpp. In my HTML5 project (published to a HD1023 Player) i need to use an image size of 2048x2048 for some of my imgs. After some research i read about increasing the file size with Brightscript (HTML5 Best Practise doc). In the Documentation the "roVideoMode.SetImageSizeThreshold() method" is mentioned. I have no idea where to insert this line.

Any hints appreciated.

Thanks in advance, Chris



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    Bright Scripters

    The method you mention in your post, could be part of a BrightAuthor plugin. More information can be found in this page:


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    Hey Chris. Did you ever get this working? I'm working on the same thing and could use an example of the SetImageThreshold() method. 

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