Receiving UDP Multicase Message

I've got two bright sign units where a user will directly interact with one, and that one will send messages to the other for it to also change content.  As this is a solution that will have to be replicated across different locations I can't hard code IP addresses in the solution. 


I tried to use UDP multicast. I've got one of the bright sign units sending UDP Multicast messages. I'm trying to figure out if there is some way to receive them in Bright Author.  I don't see that it is possible to configure a presentation for UDP Multicast. Is there some other way for two brightsign unit's that don't know each other's IP addresses to communicate with each other?


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    IF they don't know each other's ip addresses, you can send to the local subnet, to the same udp port, and then listen/send  the same commands.  When you listen for udp on a unit, it doesn't care where the command is coming from, it's just listening for a message on the specified port. 

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    Joel Johnson

    Thanx. Sent to and it work.

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