Sending Serial commands to Samsung UD46E-A


I'm currently trying to control a Samsung UD46E-A via RS232 from BrightAuthor 4.7.1 but having no luck. So far I have tried the following:

Presentation properties -

Commands in Hex which work from Herclues are as follows:

Power ON - AA 11 01 01 01 14
Power OFF - AA 11 01 01 00 13

I have converted these into decimal and got the following:

Power on - 170,17,1,1,1,20
Power off - 170,17,1,1,0,19

I am using these in an interactive playlist with the timeout event set to 'Send serial byte comma separated' to port 0

Is there something I am missing? I have tried swapping the RX and TX to no avail

Thanks in advance


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    Daniel Johnson Official comment

    by pulling the 3-wire TRS out like that, you are now connecting the tip of the cable to the ring of the player. BrightSign players receive Data on the tip. and transmit on the ring; 

    I believe your cable is a NUL cable. You need to be using a Straight through cable for Samsungs. The manual for the QM series states that they Receive on the "Ring", so if the BrightSign player Transmits on the Ring, a straight through cable would be required. You can test this with a continuity meter and male sure the tip goes to the tip and the ring goes to the ring. I believe the 3.5mm cable that comes with the TV is a NUL model cable intentionally, as it is used to daisy-chain multiple monitors together to utilize the MDC protocols...

    Here is the spec from the Samsung manual;

    Here are some links to our Support documentation regarding Serial connectivity;



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    Allen H. Porter

    You are in luck.  We do this all of the time.


    Samsung responds to 9600, N, 8, 1.  This is set in Presentation Properties - Interactive I think...I am doing this from memory.


    See screenshots attached for on, off, and HDMI1.

    Screen On:


    Screen Off:


    Screen to HDMI 1



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    Stephen Mayne

    Legend! Got it, thanks!

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    Daniel Johnson

    Here are some Samsung Hex to Decimal conversions that will work with the above documented method. I have included the checksum calculation in Hex and Decimal for each command. Please pay special attention when calculating the checksum. The Checksum needs to be calculated in Hex first, then converted to decimal using the calculator provided above. If the checksum exceeds 2 digits, discard the first digit and convert the remaining 2 digits to decimal. The header (in this case the AA) is not part of the checksum calculation, only the Command+ID+Data Length+Data1 (Data value) are part of the checksum calculation.

    Here are the Hex command examples including checksum;


    Power on Hex=                                  AA,11,FE,01,01,11

    Power on Decimal=                         170,17,254,1,1,17

    Power Off Hex=                                AA,11,FE,01,00,10

    Power Off Decimal=                        170,17,254,1,0,16


    HDMI input Hex =                            AA,14,FF,01,21,35

    HDMI input Decimal =                    170,20,255,1,33,53

    DVI input Hex =                                 AA,14,FF,01,18,2C

    DVI input Decimal =                         170,20,255,1,24,44

    VGA input Hex =                               AA,14,FF,01,14,28

    VGA input Decimal =                       170,20,255,1,20,40


    Volume + Hex=                                 AA,62,FF,01,00,62

    Volume + Decimal =                        170,98,255,1,0,98

    Volume - Hexl =                                AA,62,FF,01,01,63

    Volume - Decimal =                         170,98,255,1,1,99

    Volume set to 9 Hex =                    AA,12,FF,01,09,1B

    Volume set to 9 Decimal =            170,18,255,1,9,27


    OSD On Hex =                                    AA,70,FF,01,01,71

    OSD On Decimal =                            170, 112,255,1,1,113

    OSD Off Hex =                                    AA,70,FF,01,00,70

    OSD Off Decimal =                           170, 112,255,1,0,112

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    Ryland Harris

    Hi - 

    Hoping somebody on this thread might be able to help...I'm able to turn off a Samsung QB75N using RS232 out of the BrightSign into the TV's RS232 In port. Got it working using the above "Power Off Decimal = 170,17,254,01,00,16".

    However, I can't get the TV to turn on using "170,17,254,01,01,17". I've gone through the Samsung menu and have enabled anything that I thought would be causing this issue. So far nothing has worked. 

    Is there some setting or command that needs to be enabled to keep the serial port active? Or any other ideas...?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Stephen Mayne


    I got ours working using the following:

    Power on - 170,17,255,01,01,18
    Power off - 170,17,255,01,00,17

    I believe the 255 is to send to all screen IDs

    Hope this helps

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    Hello Guys, 

    This is my 4th night trying to figure out how to send the rs232 commands.. i think from my site everything is okay, settings (baud etc) are okay, decimal are okay, but the tv just dont want to recive over rs232, i also tried with pc, no reaction. the tv is an QM43B. Would be very cool if someone  could help me.. thanks

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    Allen H. Porter

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    Allen H. Porter

    Apologies, the drawing I posted doesn't work for your display.So it should be some version of this drawing.Tip of 3.5mm is transmit data and likely goes to pin 3 of the DB9 connector.The ring of the 3.5mm is receive data and goes to pin 2 of DB9, and sleeve of 3.5mm is ground and goes to pin 5 of DB9.

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    Allen H. Porter

    This site has info on serial control.  Samsung codes for power on/off/change input have not changed in a long time so the site and info should be relevent.

    I am fairly certain if you do this from a PC using something like UTF Teraterm or another terminal program you need to use a different format for the commands.  But it has been a long time since I have done this.

    I know everything I posted above works from the BrightSign player still today because we are doing it.

    I usually attach the commands from an initial event state when I write presentations.


    Also you can use the CEC function to turn a display on, off, change inputs, and volume up/down.  It is configured in the same place as serial commands except it is BrightControl.  You need to enable CEC at the Samsung display.  Samsung calls it Anynet+.




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    I found the error today. the 3.5 mm connector goes into the BrightSign is too deep. If I pull him out by a ring less, he accepts the commands. I don't know if here in germany the 3.5mm jack plugs are longer than in the USA... I bought 4 different ones and thought why none works... well maybe it will help someone in the future who has the same problem.



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    Allen H. Porter

    Thats a TRRS cable (4 conductor).  You need the 3 conductor TRS which is shorter.

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    i think its an TRS, actually its original samsung, was delivered with the tv.. actually the cables i bought are TRS and dont fit.

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    David Shackleton (Brightsign)

    @maid  - if you are removing the serial 3.5mm plug by one ring to get yours to work, your cable has the tx/rx wiring backwards. by moving the plug out by one click, you are now engaging the tip of your serial plug to the ring of the tv socket.

    if your cable was a "straight through" cable then try a "null-modem" (crossover) cable.

    or if your calbe was a "null-modem" (crossover) then try a "straight through" cable.

    hope that helps.

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