Force reload of image list populated from Data Feed on local network

Hi everyone,

Hopefully someone can help me with a problem we've been having at one of our installations. The system is pretty simple; every player has an XML data feed on a local server that contains the location of the images it has to display, pretty basic. The images from that data feed populate a Image list which allows the player to display a certain image from that list depending on external variables. This works very well...

The issue we're having is changing the images. The intention was to replace the image on the server with a different image that has the same name. However because the image has the same name, the XML data feed does not change and the player doesn't load the new image but instead uses a cached copy. Rebooting the player does not solve the problem as it still grabs the cached version.

So is there a way to force reload the image list or clear the cache every few hours without the players rebooting? Or some different option I'm not seeing?

Thanks in advance!


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    I have got the same problem, have u find a solution ?


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    If the content of a file with the same name has changed, its guid value in the data feed needs to be different - that's how BrightAuthor knows it has changed.

    I recommend using a hash value since that would change if the file content changes.



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