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I am looking for a simple Network Streaming encoder that will input either SD/HDI or HDMI and then network stream directly to a XT1144. I know that this is possible, but I just do not know the best hardware to use for such a task. 

My video resolution is only 720P so a high power encoder is not necessary. Just a simple encoder that I can tune directly to from the BS player via the Corporate Network to get my stream across the building... 

The devices will live on the same VLAN Subnet, but there will be some physical switch hops to get across the building. Im thinking about 4 hops... 



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    Geane, Eric M - DOA

    I was able to get VLC to stream to a BS player using a PC but I am not wanting to use a PC, I simply need an encoder that the BS player can tune into. Anyone got any advice? 




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    JRB Technical

    I keep posting in the forums and it keeps coming up Pending approval, most likely because I posted links, but the BrightSign Staff never approves.


    Here is what I posted again without links to see if this works:

    In theory, it looks like this might work and has plenty of settings options:

    FMUSER  FBE200-H.265  H.264/H.265 HDMI Encoder


    Amazon has them - search for:


    I might get one to try, but I really don't have time to test until after InfoComm is over.

    Only $165 from Amazon in the US, so not too bad price wise. And if it doesn't work, you can always return it to Amazon and get your money back.

    I see it has a one star review from one person, I wouldn't take too much in that, because there other units have good reviews, and I have seen people else where say they are decent products. People who give bad reviews for their products seem to not really know what they are doing and how set up the video in the right format.


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    JRB Technical

    So I just got in the FMUSER  FBE200-H.265  H.264/H.265 HDMI Encoder from Amazon.

    The documentation is hard a bit confusing (in typical Chinese fashion), but I'm used to that. It makes it sound more complicated to connect to the first time.

    The units come with default IP of and user/pass is admin/admin - that's all you really need to know to connect. There are the standard network settings that you can change to match with your network as needed.

    The user interface is clean and simple, and I was up and streaming the default Main Stream in H.264 1920x1080  to a BrightSign player in minutes.

    The Audio seemed a bit on the hot side and distorted (coming from Cable Box HDMI to test). On the Media Tab, I just set the Volume Level from default (0) to the -4 setting and that seemed to clean up the slight distortion I was hearing.

    There is about a 2 second delay from source to stream on the BrightSign player which is pretty good.

    I switched the Main Stream over to H.265 1920x1080 - the player did a quick soft reboot and was off and streaming again in about 5 seconds.

    The BrightSign player picked up the new H.265 stream fine a few seconds later.

    I didn't push the encoder with high motion content, but the typical content from the cable box I have been watching all looked nice and clean.

    The Encoder was a little warm to the touch after a while, as expected. It was not hot, which is a good thing. It's a simple aluminum enclosure, nothing exciting but seems to be built well.

    All the menu's are clear and easy to change, and laid out clearly. Looks like any settings you may want to change are all there.

    I'm going to let it run for a week and see what happens.

    All in all, for the price, I think this would be a good choice for people looking for a reasonably priced streaming encoder for BrightSign players.


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    JRB Technical

    Here are screen shots of the interface:



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    JRB Technical

    This encoder has been running 24/7 now for a week without any issues. Still only about a 2 second delay from source to BrightSign output.

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