Setting up a webcam

I have a client that wants a webcam to be shown live on a bunch of players.

They have two sites - Site A will have the webcam and Site B will have the players. I advised the client that it would be best to have a server of some kind at site B so only one stream goes over the internet.

They have asked me to give them details of what type of webcam and server they will need. I've never done anything with webcams so I'm asking for help here. What type of stream should be used that Brightsign can easily play? Does anyone know how to set up a webserver like this? If you can't help with everthing - just at least some pointers so I can do some research into it.

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    Sean Cotter

    I really think you need to look at something like Livestream or Ustream. You can do basic stuff for free.

    A PC/MAC running the webcam and setup to stream. Then on the player side would would just bring up the HTML page/embedded stream link and play what is coming from the webcam. You are looking at a delay, not realtime. Processing on the PC, uploading, processing, then the stream back down to the clients (players). Probably a few seconds, maybe even as many as 10 seconds.

    I would be inclined to think that those streaming services (even YouTube) would have methods for embedding the player window, autoplay, etc. If their are several players in site B, in theory they would probably playback in sync since it's a stream.

    With a laptop w/cam and another device you can do all this in a few minutes. The playback via the BS player would be where you might have to play around with it, figure out the best way to bring that in. Most of the non-paid streamers are HTML based, because they overlay ads, etc. But I bet you could get a pure RSTP or some other feed from one of the services if you use the paid method (even just for a month, for an event).

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