Audio crossfading issue


I'm trying to set up a presentation as follows:

- On startup, the brightsign will output black with an ambient audio track

- On a GPIO event, the ambient audio track will crossfade into an active audio track, and a video corresponding to the active audio track will be cued in sync.

I have no issue integrating the video features, but I can't seem to get any audio tracks to crossfade using an Enhanced Audio zone.

Is there a proper protocol for crossfading audio within Enhanced Audio zones? I've tried making an Audio List object and iterating through that (which I don't think makes as much sense for my purposes) and also changing between audio file objects on a GPIO button event.

The audio sample rates are both 44.1k and I've tried both mp3 and wav formats.

Let me know if there is anything else I can try to get this working properly. Thanks!


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    Sean Devonport

    Hey there! 


    Just wanted to check if you found a solution to this? I'm running into a similar issue. I'd like to crossfade between audio files in an audio list based on a zone message. 


    Right now it hard cuts to the next file. 


    Only way I've managed to solve this is to write a plugin that specified CrossfadeCurrentPlayNext, but writing a plugin for this functionality seems like huge overkill

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