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Hi I'm brand new to designing in Bright Author,

I notice that the preview function is not supported for portrait orientation projects. I have been asked to help built some Bright Author presentations for a number of XT players we have purchased, but I am based several hundred miles away from the actual hardware, so have no way of publishing and seeing the content straight on the bright sign as I work on it to see how it is working.

Is there any way at all to see what you are creating as you work on it?

I can't get my head around the idea that we create in Bright Author without being able to see the results or test the functionality.

Forgive me if this seems a basic question, I have checked and couldn't find an answer on here.


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    JRB Technical

    BrightSign has a long history of NOT understanding that people often do Digital Signage in Portrait. I don't understand why this still continues.

    The best thing is to try and get an XT player of a similar model that you can publish to and look at locally before sending to remote players.

    And keep pushing BrightSign to fix all the Portrait issues with BrightAuthor.

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