Original BSN vs BSN.cloud, any plans for migration?

I've been using the Brightsign network subscription model for several years now and have about 60 Brightsign players running on this platform. I have a mixture of 40 legacy players and 20 newer models. Since the new BSN.cloud only supports the newer v8 models, what would be a good plan for my hybrid system? Will there be a migration option to move all the existing version 8 units over to BSN.cloud & keep them on their current paid player subscription? Or do I have to wait till a v8 player's annual license expires in the old BSN system, then remove it & add it to the new BSN.cloud & buy a new annual license over there. I realize that I will probably have to maintain 2 separate systems for a few years until the legacy players die off & are replaced with new models. I actually don't see any urgent need to migrate any of the v8 players over to a new system & then try to maintain two different platforms. I could just keep the systems "as-is" and any new players I purchase can still work fine in the older BSN system. I just wonder what the EOL will be for the old BSN and should I be planning a migration anytime soon. I just purchased 2 new players this month & was wondering which system to deploy them to.

Any insight to my questions would be helpful.


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