multi-channel audio on AU335

Has anybody managed to play a multi-channel file via ARC / eArc? I am following the guidelines for the 'supported audio formats' with no success.

I have unsuccessfully tested it with a WAV/PCM 16bit 44kHz 5 channel audio file sending it to a HDMI audio-deembedder (PCM) via the micro-HDMI port. I know the deembeder works as I have tested it on a LS422 / LS423 / LS424 but the deembedder does not receive a signal.

In the 'supported audio formats' list, it says it supports video file extentions such as *.mov, *.mp4 and such..which is kind of conflicting as I can only select the AU335 when an audio zone is selected.

Also, I am unable to select any audio settings in the presentation settings, which it says I should be able to set stuff like mixed mode etc.

Does anybody have a BrightAuthor/BrightConnected or a BrightScript example orelse? The topic and documentation is very sparse.


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