Network Units Fail to Connect


I am a new user trying to set up a dual monitor display for a video installation. I have made a master and follower playlist and I am now attempting to get those playlists onto our XD4 Brightsigns which I activated and seem to be connecting to Bright Author. However, when I try to publish a schedule to either of them the fail to connect. 

Has anyone else had this issue? Is there a way to manually get playlists onto the SD cards? 


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    Mark Richards

    Heres a couple of thisngs i'd try:

    I'm assuming the brightsign is not configured to use DHCP and may have moved IP address. If it has, you can power down the brightsign, pop the SD card, power it back up again and look at the attached screen. It should tell you the IP address of the brightsgin in question...


    When you did the device setup for the brightsgin did you set the device type to "Local file networking"?


    Is your publishing PC on the same network range and subnet as the brightsign?

    Can you access the brightsigns web interface?

    - open a web browser and go to "" This will confirm if you are on the same network.


    Local network publishing uses port 8080

    - open a web browser and go to "" This will confirm if you should be able to publish over the network.


    Did you do the device setup for thsi brightsgin from brightauthor or BA:connected? From my experience, if you are publishing from BA:connected you need to have setup the brightsgin through BA:connected, not brightauthor. THis is true even if they are using the same player firmware.

    BA:Connected also requires the brightsign to have brightsign OS 8.0.119 or greater to work. You can download the latest for a HD4 unit here:



    One final possibility: I've seen in the past with brightauthor, that if you do the brightsgin setup AND send the presentation at the same time, it defaults to a standalone unit. You need to do the device setup first and after that, send the presentation. I've not checked to see if this is still the case with BA:connected...

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    Nick Lindert

    This was happening to me.   I could access the player from BrightAuthor but I couldn't publish to it because when in the publishing part the unit "failed to connect".   My problem was because my home VPN security (think firewall) was on.  I just turned that off and it started working again. 

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