4K Interactive Presentation

I'm creating a presentation for an XT1144 on a 4K touch screen and the presentation and content area are set to 4K just fine but when I go to add media to the interactive layout it tells me the content is to large and needs to be 1920 x 1080.  Is there some way to resolve this?


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    Aaron Rollins

    Hi James,

    I assume the media in this case is an image, not a video correct? If you want to use 4K image files (or HTML sizes) you have to enable full-resolution graphics, which is slightly different than just a 4K resolution.

    You can read a little bit about that here https://docs.brightsign.biz/display/DOC/Full-Resolution+Graphics

    To enable full-resolution graphics go to Presentation Settings -> Presentation -> Display -> and pick Force Resolution and Enabable Full Resolution Graphics.

    If you have done that and are still seeing an issue adding larger graphic files can you open a support ticket, please?

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    Thanks Aaron, that did the trick.  I've run into this with standard presentations, but forgot about that setting.

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