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Hi, I'm running a Bright Author presentation on a LED wall that has 3.9 pixel pitch in the horizontal and 7.8 pixel pitch in the vertical. That means that the resolution in the vertical is half of the horizontal. The actual resolution of the display is 1280 x 320. I have made the video content at 1280x640 and then put it into a video or image zone that is 1280x320, so the video will be squashed but the result is ok (due to the half resolution, like if we miss a line every 2 lines). The problem is that when I display a Youtube video that is 1280x720, then I see the video full screen but it's internal proportions are deformed, like if the video is squashed but the pixels inside no. This is very strange to me. Is there some parameters that I can include in the HTML5 url to keep aspect ratio of the youtube video the same that local clip?

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    HTML content does not obey the zone's scaling, so you'll need to apply CSS scaling in the page itself.  You may need to apply specific width and height to the VIDEO tag as well.

    If you're displaying YouTube you don't have control over the page content, but if you're using BrightAuthor or writing your own code you can try using a User Stylesheet (CSS injection) to apply CSS to scale the body and other page elements.

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