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Hello everyone.

I have a question regarding content that I am hoping you can help with.

I’ve been using Google Slides to drive content as Slide Decks to an HTML 5 widget without too much issue for the past few months. The slide decks Autoplay and Loop automatically as a "published to web" presentation showing static image slides.

A couple of wees ago I began sharing these slide decks with other users in the school to open up content management for their respective spaces. We tried using Slides as we needed something that was simple and didn't expose them to BA:Connected in concern these end users may cause an issue with the base presentations.

Since I began sharing the slide decks I’ve been receiving “This item has been flagged as inappropriate and can no longer be shared: notices from Google which are extraordinarily frustrating to troubleshoot. Google is pretty stingy with their reasoning and after a couple of weeks of trolling forums and making a few posts I fear we will have to drop Slides. 

I am looking for suggestions for content management to replace Google


  1. Something separate from BA:Connected to "keep it simple"
  2. Show slides with autoplay / loop
  3. Ideally Content manageable from a central “account” that can be shared with end users.
  4. Content that can display in a HTML 5 widget or other proprietary BrightAuthor compatible module.

We don’t mind paying for this level of functionality … but we need something that is stable.

I appreciate hearing your suggestions and talking with anyone who is willing. 

At the moment we are not ready to start the year and these past two weeks have been extraordinarily frustrating… Computers work until they don’t.

My thanks to this community.

S. Cline

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